“Waging Peace in Sudan”

Tammy Alexander writes in PeaceSigns about the situation in Sudan, and what we in the United States and Canada can do to address the conflict and genocide occurring there:

We know the horrors in Sudan. We are not at peace. We are called by this knowledge and by Jesus’ example to take action. Children like Achak should be able to grow up in a land free from violence and oppression. They should be able to play and hope and learn and enjoy this beautiful world that God made for all of us.

So what do we do? In the short term, we can support efforts to rebuild homes and schools in southern Sudan, such as those supported by Mennonite Central Committee. For the longer term, we can advocate to our elected officials and urge them to take ethical, constructive action in Sudan to help maintain the peace in the South, and to help foster peace in Darfur. Churches across the country will be participating in a “Week of Waging Peace” Nov. 9-16, to pray and advocate for the people of Sudan. Visit www.mcc.org/sudanaction to find out how you and your congregation can get involved.

She also highlights the new Sudan worship resource available on our Waging Peace in Sudan website.

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