March 2009

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The latest issue of the print version of the Washington Memo should be arriving in homes this week.  The feature article along with accompanying Internet-only features are available now on this website. This Memo covers many aspects of the U.S. immigration debate, including economic causes, immigrant domestic violence victims and the detention of the undocumented.…

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Ashlinn Sarani writes in Third Way Cafe about the scourge of cluster bombs, MCC’s advocacy for a ban and ways you can get involved.  Excerpts: Meet the cluster bomb. It is a small explosive submunition or bomblet that is delivered from a long distance to its target in a large canister. They are meant to detonate…

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The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group that has plagued Northern Uganda for the past two decades, staged attacks on civilians in Congo in late 2008.  Human Rights Watch recently unveiled an online photo gallery of communities affected by the violence.  Since December, the attacks have continued and the fighting has displaced thousands.