Justice in a Land of Plenty

Jeannette Kemndati, a member of the Helping Garden Co-op, sells vegetables in the local market in Gore, Chad. Photo by Cheryl Zook/MCC

The MCC Washington Office just published a new resource for congregations to reflect and advocate for trade justice. According to the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, “Trade justice is people-centered, respects human rights, and guarantees food security, livelihoods and sustainable development for the whole of society. It recognizes the right of all people to have a say regarding their own future, and all governments to determine their own economic and trade policies.”

Jesus’ command to love God and our neighbor can be lived out by changing international trade policies. Justice in a Land of Plenty provides analysis, case studies, faith reflections and an advocacy guide. This resource can help congregations that participate in the MCC U.S. Coffee Project and others to take an important step toward holistic trade justice.

Click here to download the publication.

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