Citizens of God’s Kingdom

Kansas2 Over 100 people gathered this past weekend in Wichita, Kansas, for a two-day workshop on immigration issues titled “Citizens of God’s Kingdom.” Hope Mennonite Church hosted the event on March 1-2, 2013, with planning and logistical support from the MC USA Western District Conference Reference Council.

Kansas3Staff from MCC U.S. and MC USA led discussions around various topics, including:  the theology of immigration, our own immigration stories, root causes, immigration history and law, problems and profits of immigration enforcement, and Christian advocacy. Those in attendance also heard stories from recent migrants in the Newton-Wichita community, helping them to think about what it means to truly be Citizens of God’s Kingdom.

For more information about this workshop or how to bring a similar workshop to your region, contact Tammy Alexander,

MCC Washington Office immigration page

Workshop presentations and resources:

PPTs:  Quilting our stories | Root causes | Law & enforcement | Advocacy

Action:  5 action steps | My family migrated from…

Immigration reform proposals:  U.S. Senate | White House

Law:  Flow chart | Scenarios

Other resources:  Scripture reflections | 4 facts about border enforcement | Fall immigration update

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