U.S. Support for the Peace Process in Colombia

Daniela Velásquez/MCC
Daniela Velásquez/MCC

For over fifty years, Colombians have suffered through unspeakable violence. They have been forced to flee their homes; they have been kidnapped, raped, and killed. Human rights defenders, journalists, union members, and church leaders have been subjected to death threats and assassinated for the work they do. The internal armed conflict has affected every sector of Colombian society, leaving generations of Colombians knowing only war.

Representatives Jim McGovern (MA) and Jan Schakowsky (IL) have drafted a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking the State Department to continue to support peace negotiations. Furthermore, the letter urges Secretary Kerry to advocate for the inclusion of civil society and victims of violence in the peace process, to press for an independent truth commission and strong measures to ensure justice for severe human rights abuses, and to transform U.S. aid to Colombia from a budget that supports war to a package that promotes peace.

Send an email urging your member of Congress to sign this letter supporting peace in Colombia

Read the letter to Sec. Kerry

Find out how you can support peace in Colombia by participating in this year’s Days of Prayer and Action.

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