Refugee children in Pennsylvania want to be free from their prison

berks-letterAs President Obama calls for more generosity and welcome toward refugees, his administration continues to put refugee families from Central America into detention centers and deport them back to the dangers from which they fled. Mothers and children in a family detention center in Berks County, Pennsylvania, where some have languished for more than a year, are trying to call attention to their suffering. Twenty-two mothers went on a hunger strike last month. Last week, a group of children started their own action, writing a letter to “All of the people who have the power to protect our rights,”

We are children between ages of 12 and 16 who are imprisoned in the Family Detention Center in Berks, PA. We are teenagers who are being deprived of our liberty. We are sons and daughters, we are kids with dreams to follow, with many goals to achieve.

It pains us to know that the school year is starting and that we are imprisoned here and can’t receive a proper education. One of the reasons we left our own countries is because we couldn’t go to class due to the threats we received in our schools. Then we arrived here and found a new trauma to live with, and our right to an adequate education continues to be denied.

Read the rest of the letter and sign on to a solidarity action for educators


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  1. mark costanzo

    it seems to be a pattern with this Administration to say one thing , then do the opposite; detaining children is despicable for what is allegedly the greatest nation on earth.

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