Network forms to increase advocacy efforts

The MCC Washington Office recently hosted members of our new network of “volunteer advocacy coordinators” in D.C. for training, networking and advocacy. The network is an effort to increase advocacy throughout the U.S. through engagement with the Washington Office. Coordinators represent the states of California, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

During their time in D.C., the group met with MCC Washington staff and discussed policies related to criminal justice, immigration, foreign assistance, Palestine and Israel, and climate change to prepare for meetings with their congressional offices. They also looked at community organizing strategies.

Moving forward, coordinators will stay in regular communication with each other and the Washington Office to talk about the progress and challenges around advocacy in their communities.


  1. Mark Costanzo

    In today’s political climate, you’re a beacon of light

  2. cherelledessus

    Thank you, Mark!

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