“Stunning defeats”

From the May-June 1974 Memo:

In the last issue of the Washington Memo, we alerted readers to the Pentagon’s request for $474 million above the $1.126 billion already authorized by the Congress for military aid to Vietnam. On April 4, the House, by a vote of 177-154, barred the Pentagon from raising the ceiling on military aid to Saigon. The Senate Armed Services Committee also rejected the boost but did approve an ‘accounting change’ that would have permitted the transfer of $266 million. The Senate, despite active lobbying by the administration, voted 43-38 to forbid this transfer. These votes in the House and Senate were viewed as ‘stunning defeats’ for the Pentagon. We wish to thank all those who responded to the action alert and registered their concerns.

June 1974-page-001

Photo: Delegation of Martin Schrag (BIC), Walton Hackman, Bishop John E. Lapp (Franconia Conference) and Delton Franz meet with Senate staff member regarding Selective Service matters (June 1974).


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