50 years of prophetic Mennonite witness

An important lesson I learned while on staff at MCC is that so many decisions made in Washington affect countless lives around the world. MCC’s advocacy work ensures that at least some of those decisions are informed by the realities people face on the ground.

During my time at the Washington Office, MCC played an important role in ensuring that U.S. food aid to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) remained open rather than being blocked through legislation in Congress. MCC was the only group advocating to Congress on this issue at that time and without MCC’s vital role, food aid to DPRK would have been blocked. At a time when the prevailing political narrative is about punishing the enemy, MCC played a role (and continues to do so today) in providing food for our enemies.

I am excited that MCC Washington Office is celebrating its 50th anniversary and I look forward to many more to come.

Theo Sitther was on staff at the MCC U.S. Washington Office from 2006-2014.

RS20746_036 B-lpr (1)
Photo: Theo Sitther, previous senior legislative associate for the MCC U.S. Washington Office, moderates a panel on Capitol Hill on housing issues in Haiti. To his right are Emmanuel Georges Werleigh, Co-founder, Institute for Technology and Animation (ITECA); and Jean Ariel Joseph, Secretary General, Haitian Senate. Colette Lespinasse, Executive Director, Support Group for Repatriates and Refugees (GARR) and Rep. Federica Wilson also made remarks. (MCC Photo/ Jesse Epp-Fransen)


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