Media and the privileged

From the Jan-Feb 1971 Memo:

Even in an age of instantaneous news coverage…the degree of public knowledge about world affairs is treacherously thin. Even with the avalanche of communication invention of the last two decades, the mass media…have provided very inadequate coverage and interpretation of world news and trends. Often the events which are covered by the media conveys distorted and biased pictures of individuals and peoples.

How thorough and objective is the news coverage which enters the homes of most Mennonites? … Are we, in the news reports we follow, being subjected to analysis of events that reflects much greater interest in protecting the status of the privileged—than in disclosing the plight of the oppressed?

DOC (20)-page-001.jpg
Johanna Gehman, MCC worker in Vietnam visits Washington to talk with members of Congress about the need for humanitarian aid to Vietnam. An appointment with Congressman Don Fraser initiated legislation to provide assistance. (May 1972). 

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