What has the Meeting House to do with the White House?

From the May-June 1987 Memo:

History and the biblical record suggest that when the legitimate processes of government–the processes of law and the orderly procedures of justice–are subverted or exploited in the interest of the few to the detriment of the many, God’s intention for his people and the social order has been violated.

The biblical references to the ‘principalities and powers’ indicate that systems and governing entities are necessary for the ordering and well-being of society. But the propensity of the principalities and powers is to abuse their power, to act unjustly. It is then that the church, the covenant community is to fulfill one of its unique functions: to unmask the powers to intercede on behalf of the victims of the abuse of power, to publicly call for a restoration of governmental accountability.

Washington Office staff and spouces relax at Delton and Marian Franz’s home for a potluck (Dec. 1986).


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