January immigration update

Shutdown ends without border wall funding – for now

On January 25, portions of the federal government that had been without funding for 35 days reopened under a continuing resolution through February 15. The deal came one day after a proposal to pair border wall funding with protections for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) recipients failed in the Senate. The bill would have spent more than $5 billion on border fences and walls, increased immigrant detention and deportations, removed protections for asylum seekers and gutted the DACA and TPS programs while providing only a temporary and limited extension to both.

House Democrats are reportedly working on a compromise border security proposal that would include funding for improvements to ports of entry (where 85 percent of illicit drugs come through), additional customs agents, more immigration judges and technology such as sensors at the border – but not funding for walls or fences. All nine House members whose districts include the border oppose wall construction.

In February, construction is scheduled to begin on several miles of border walls and fences in Texas (with Fiscal Year 2018 funds) that will cut through a butterfly center, state parks, a wildlife refuge and the grounds of a historic chapel. Private landowners will lose access to their land and the river.

Action alert: Oppose border walls, support asylum seekers

Read the rest of the January immigration update at mcc.org.


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