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The Bible is full of nature imagery, from the Psalms to Jesus’ mandate to “consider the lilies.” Environmental stewardship is not only about enjoying the beauty of nature, but also about caring properly for what we have been given by God. Christian author and environmentalist Scott Sabin writes, “I am an environmentalist because I am a Christian.”

For too long, the environment has been a politically divisive topic. Increasingly, however, Christians of all political persuasions are realizing the importance of ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy God’s creation.

The MCC U.S. Washington Office advocates for government policies that promote sustainability and responsible stewardship.

Election resource: Climate change (from the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions, a collaborative initiative of EMU, Goshen College and MCC)

Fall/Winter 2019 Washington Memo – The things that make for peace: U.S. climate change policy

Earth Day Sunday 2020: ​The Fierce Urgency of NOW. Christian education materials to equip faith communities to protect, restore, and  more rightly share God’s creation.

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Photo credit: Communities such as La Vega del Volcán are scattered along ridges in the mountains of western Guatemala. The terrain leaves families little room to grow crops. MCC supports community cooperatives and initiatives to raise trout and flowers that started as part of MCC’s emergency response to a 2005 tropical storm. (MCC Photo/Melissa Engle)