Foreign policy

Mennonite Central Committee has workers and/or financial commitments in approximately 45 countries around the world. Many of those workers and partners encounter the effects of U.S. government policies, and their perspectives guide our work in the MCC U.S. Washington Office.


Mennonite Central Committee encourages a policy that promotes peaceful, multilateral, and African-led solutions that advance good governance and mutual respect. U.S. policy towards Africa should be anchored in a commitment to strengthening diplomacy and improving economic development.

U.S.-Nigeria policy
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Mennonite Central Committee works in twelve Asian countries in partnership with local efforts to build a peaceful and sustainable society. The work of the MCC Washington Office in advocacy to the U.S. government works to support and undergird local efforts to build peace.

Agent Orange in Vietnam
U.S.-North Korea relations
Foreign assistance

MCC advocates for robust funding of the International Affairs Budget (150 Account) that includes life-saving humanitarian and poverty-focused development assistance programs implemented by agencies and departments such as the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of State, and the Department of Agriculture.

Be fruitful: Ending global hunger
Latin America

Mennonite Central Committee’s advocacy grows out of relationships with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, where U.S. government engagement is often guided by military and corporate economic interests.

Central America: Migration and its causes

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Middle East

MCC’s Middle East advocacy grows out of 60 years of work in the region. MCC’s advocacy priorities in the Middle East are Palestine and Israel and the Syria crisis.

A Cry for Home: Stories, videos and factsheets from MCC on Palestine and Israel
U.S.-Syria policy

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