Global Voices

The Global Voices program is an initiative of MCC and the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions (CSCS) that brings well-informed and passionate voices from the around the world to the United States to speak about climate change.

In the fall of 2018, Dr. Sibo Ncube from Zimbabwe, Zacarías Bernabé Martínez from El Salvador and Durga Sunchiuri from Nepal, spent three weeks traveling around the U.S. to share about the impacts of climate change on their home countries. The group spoke at churches, colleges and universities and Congressional offices in Washington, D.C.

The three spoke of the impact of climate change on health, agriculture, human rights, women and children. The common thread among their individuals stories is water — at times there is too little water for crop growth and at other times there is too much water which results in flooding and landslides.

Durga Sunchiuri, Whitney Ricker, Sibo Ncube, Tammy Alexander, and Zacarías Bernabé Martínez, U.S. Capitol. MCC Photo/ Tammy Alexander



If you’re interested in having a future Global Voices tour visit your church or event, email