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  1. Hans Christian Linnartz

    I see a “Get out the vote” webinar is coming up. I’m hoping your panelists will note the importance of investigating each candidate’s actual position regarding critical issues, including immigration. For example, Kay Hagan, the Democratic senator from North Carolina, who is running for re-election, had in 2008 personally assured my wife and me that she considered a generous immigration policy a moral priority. Since then, she has voted against the DREAM Act, against authorizing additional funds to house and feed child immigrants at the border, and for the Ted Cruz-sponsored bill to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative. Her one and only arguable pro-immigration vote was in favor of S.B. 477, which, of course, was two-thirds increased enforcement – so hardly a powerful voice for generous immigration reform. In this istance, unfortunately, a vote for Kay’s Republican opponent would not be preferable on this issue. However, there are cases in which this issue does not line up with party affiliation, and voters need to inform themselves as to each candidate’s real position.

    Hans Christian Linnartz
    Raleigh Mennonite Church

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