Immigration: Videos

MCC Videos

Video Description
mcc video 1 Saula Padilla,MCC Immigration Coordinator (1:05)
This brief video serves as an introduction to MCC’s work on immigration issues.
 mcc video 2 In My shoes: Pedro Gonzalez (7:32)
MCC produced this video, which tells the life story of an MCC worker who immigrated to the U.S. without documentation. The powerful tale shows how Pedro grew and changed in the U.S., raised his family, and became a part of his community, helping internal refugees fleeing hurricane Katrina.

Other videos

Video Description
Faith leaders for a welcoming Alabama
This brief clip protests the unwelcoming policies proposed in Alabama. It includes faith leaders and touches on scriptural teaching and on-the-ground reasons to welcome migrants. View it for free.
Immigrants for sale logo
Cuéntame has made a documentary exposing how American prison industries exploit immigrants. After pushing for harsh laws and long prison sentences, the massive prison-industrial complex makes massive profits at great expense to taxpayers. View it for free.
The Price of Immigration The Price of Immigration (5:52)
This Bread for the World video weaves the story of a single undocumented immigrant struggling to support his family with broader analysis of immigration’s economic impact. The economic benefits immigrants bring to their host society are a major emphasis, along with the suffering that often accompanies their “difficult, dirty, and dangerous” work.
Churches and Arizona Immigration Law Churches and Arizona Immigration Law (8:32)
This video shows the responses of diverse faith leaders to Arizona’s border law S.B. 1070. It emphasizes scriptural and moral questions and also provides extensive analysis of border facts. View it for free.
A New Dream A New Dream (9:36)
G92 is a faith-based organization named for the Hebrew word “ger,” meaning immigrant, and the 92 references to the immigrant in the Old Testament. A New Dream humanizes undocumented immigrants by showcasing family life and the potential for tragic separation when the children are citizens and the parents immigrants. View it for free.
A biblical Perspective A Biblical Perspective (9:54)
A sermon focusing on immigration, particularly immigration stories in the Bible. M. Daniel Carroll elaborates on the value of humans, particularly immigrants, and what they bring to communities in the Biblical narrative. View it for free.
Migrating Towards Understanding
Witness for Peace made this video showing delegates reflecting on a trip to rural Mexico with interviews of Mexican immigrants whose lives in Mexico have been disrupted.
How to Solve Illegal Immigration The Pinky Show How to Solve Illegal Immigration (15:25)
This whimsical but insightful video explores how anti-immigrant rhetoric is a tool to distract ordinary citizens from the much deeper economic problems of wealth and power inequality that sustain America’s dominant class. View it for free.
Lost in detention Lost in Detention 53:40)
A full-length PBS production that documents U.S. law enforcement’s efforts to deport 400,000 undocumented migrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) nominally targets criminals but actually deporting far more than the actual number of serious violators. Lost in Detention follows the tragic story of U.S. policy grossly violating its stated goals and principles, driven by the corporate interests that run detention facilities. Thanks to unprecedented access to the inside of detention facilities, it also documents the resulting terrible suffering of ordinary immigrants.
The Other Side of Immigration The Other Side of Immigration (55:00)
A full-length documentary exploring the causes and effects of immigration, emphasizing the immigrant perspective and experience. The Other Side of Immigration explains the underlying economic causes of poverty and suffering in Mexico and the results. View a two minute clip for free, the entire film is available on DVD or Netflix view-it-now.

Feature Films

Video Description
The Visitor The Visitor (93:00)
In this film, a disillusioned professor is surprised to find two undocumented immigrants living at an apartment he maintains. The three become friends, while the professor learns about their lives and finds meaning in a drum circle that one of the migrants participates in. When one of the migrants is arrested and threatened with deportation, the professor shares in the pain of his crisis. View the trailer for free.

Movie-Viewing Guide

Video Description
REEL Images of Immigration REEL Images of Immigration This Sojourners movie viewing guide is intended to help facilitate movie-viewing sessions complete with discussion, devotion, and information. The selection includes 3 documentaries and a feature-film. Each one has an introduction, questions for audience consideration, scriptural references, and a reflection.

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