The Global Food Crisis: Hunger for Justice (Fall 2008)

This issue is dedicated to the global food crisis—a “food crisis that shouldn’t be”—and coincides with World Food Day on October 16. For MCC, whose original work grew out of a response to famine, this is a timely and critical issue. There are many ways to respond to the food crisis— by donating to MCC’s food programs, being aware of our own consumption habits and, as we highlight here, by advocating for just policies. For more on MCC’s response to the global food crisis, visit


  1. Introduction
  2. A Food Crisis that Shouldn’t Be
  3. Cookbook Theology: An Anabaptist Perspective on the Global Food Crisis
  4. Worship Resources
  5. Food Security, HIV/AIDS, and Peacebuilding
  6. Food or Fuel
  7. The Farm Bill and U.S. Hunger Programs
  8. The Washington Memo Online
  9. Advocates’ Corner

Advocacy Resources

  1. Food Crisis Talking Points
  2. Food Crisis Sample Letter

Download Full Memo (PDF)