Proclaim Jubilee: A New Beginning (Fall 2009)

2009fallmemoThe collapse of the global economy and subsequent recession has profoundly impacted the global South. In light of this financial crisis, the Washington Office selected four policy issues to highlight over the next year through our “Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All” campaign.

This issue of the Memo investigates the impact that debt to international financial institutions (IFIs) has had on impoverished countries. From Haiti to Afghanistan to Bolivia to Uganda, people all around the world have been severely affected by the burden of debt incurred and carried by their governments.

Debt cancellation is a step forward in promoting economic justice around the world. Join us in proclaiming Jubilee, a new beginning for all.


  1. Introduction
  2. Drop the Debt, Create a New Beginning
  3. Worship Resources and Reflections
  4. Africa and the Legacy of “Illegitimate Debt”
  5. The New Debt Crisis
  6. Helping Vulnerable Communities Adapt to Climate Change
  7. The Washington Memo Online
  8. Advocates’ Corner

Additional Resources:

  1. Sample Letter on Debt Relief

Download Full Memo (PDF)

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