Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: U.S. Policy towards Israel-Palestine (Fall 2010)

For over 60 years, Mennonite Central Committee has walked alongside Palestinians and Israelis with an understanding of peacebuilding as shared work for justice.

We have heeded calls that challenge us to work for justice here in the United States, work that requires our attention to unpleasant truths about what our roles have been in this conflict. A work that requires hope, courage, and risk.

May the witness of our Palestinian and Israeli sisters and brothers move us to vigilantly confront unpleasant truths.


  1. Introduction
  2. A Child Shall Lead Them
  3. Remembering the Past
  4. Worship Resources and Reflections
  5. Papering Over with Words
  6. “We All Spoke About Pain”
  7. The Washington Memo Online
  8. Web Resource Highlights
  9. Advocates’ Corner
  10. Palestine: Raising Animals for Food

Additional Resources:

Sample Letter on Israel-Palestine

Download the full Washington Memo print edition (PDF)

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