Church pledge

Promoting peace at home

Our congregation:

1. Believes in a God of love, justice, mercy and transformation, as shown to us in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

2. Believes that women and men are created equal, equally reflecting God’s image.

3. Teaches healthy, respectful ways to express oneself, resolve differences and provide leadership.

4. Believes that abuse or violence in our homes, in all its forms, is sin, and requires confession, repentance, changed behavior and restitution.

5. Promises to listen, support and care for those who are experiencing abuse and give highest priority to their safety.

6. Makes clear that all abuse must stop, and arranges for accountability, support and specialized counseling for those who act abusively.

7. Works with domestic violence agencies in our community and supports their work in appropriate ways.

8. Has leaders who know and follow safe guidelines when relating to those who are survivors of domestic violence and those who have been abusive.

9. Has policies and procedures in place to prevent sexual harassment and abuse, and provides regular training for parents, teachers, youth workers and children.

10. Offers rituals of lament, healing and hope in our worship services and prays regularly for those in our families and communities who are affected by abuse.

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