Facts about Colombia

Amount of U.S. aid since 2000: $9.4 billion

72 percent military aid [$6.8 billion]

28 percent economic and social support [$2.5 billion]

Colombians displaced from their homes: 5.5 million

220,000 Colombians people killed since the war began in 1959.

Four out of five are civilians.

Credit: Melissa Engle/MCC
Credit: Melissa Engle/MCC

25,000-60,000 Colombians forcibly disappeared during the war

More than 50 percent: Amount of land owned by the richest 1 percent of Colombians

34 percent: Colombians living below the national poverty line

“We have to recognize that we’ve hit bottom, and that the war has become dehumanized and it has dehumanized us.” – Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia


Sources: Just the Facts, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank.


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