Bring in the harvest

“Transformed people transform people” is one of the slogans for our ministry here in Philadelphia. I serve as the chaplain for the Philadelphia Prison System’s detention center, prison coordinator for Crossroads Community Center, and co-pastor of Christ Centered Church with Pastor Juan Marrero. Together, we partner with MCC to attain peace and justice for the streets and prisons of Philadelphia.

As a chaplain I coordinate spiritual services, distribute religious literature, provide one-on-one counseling sessions and teach weekly Bible studies for those inside the walls of the prison. I also distribute prison care kits to those who are indigent inside the prison. Periodically, I am asked to join planning events at the prison to effectively help those who are returning to society.

Since its opening in 2011, Christ Centered Church has cherished returning citizens as a monumental part of our ministry. About 65 percent of our membership were once incarcerated. Our approach comes from understanding what God has called us to do and how we are to accomplish our assignments. We believe in the grace God has given us to minister effectively to this demographic of individuals.

God decided to deploy [Juan and me] in the Fairhill community of Philadelphia, the same community where we were both at one point ourselves participants in the large open air drug market. After our transformation, God equipped us to serve this community, addressing violence, drugs and incarceration through a spiritual lens.


Ron Muse works for MCC East Coast as a peacemaker for the prisons and streets of Philadelphia.