Prophetic Witness: 2015

This issue of the Washington Memo provides a look back at our work in 2015. There has been much to work on!

Throughout 2015 our office’s staff communicated frequently with government officials, meeting with congressional or administration offices 170 times throughout the year and signing nearly 80 letters to the U.S. government on topics as varied as the Syria crisis to reform of the U.S. criminal justice system.

But there is no substitute for grassroots advocacy! We sent out more than 40 alerts, generating thousands of emails from people like you to Congress. We also were delighted to have visitors from various locations come to D.C. to meet in person with their congressional representatives, including a strong Anabaptist turnout for Ecumenical Advocacy Days in April.

During the year staff members traveled to Colombia and the Middle East and also participated in a “Pipeline to prison” learning tour here in the U.S. We also led presentations at Mennonite World Conference and the Mennonite Church USA convention.

We enjoyed connecting with a number of congregations and met with students from Messiah College, Eastern Mennonite University, the American Studies Program, Christopher Dock High School and Iowa Mennonite School.

We would love to connect with you in the coming year!


  1. Director’s letter
  2. Crime and justice
  3. Immigration
  4. Environment
  5. Human trafficking
  6. Syria crisis
  7. Palestine and Israel
  8. Armed drones
  9. Iran
  10. Colombia
  11. Haiti
  12. Nigeria
  13. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  14. Global food and hunger
  15. How to be an advocate
  16. The New Jim Crow Project

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