Prophetic Witness: 2013

CoverThe year 2013 brought many challenges. But there were hopeful signs too.

This issue of the Memo takes us through these and other developments of the past year. Through it all we are grateful for your faithfulness to God’s call to provide a prophetic witness on these matters of life and death for so many of God’s children.


  1. Introduction
  2. A lofty wishlist
  3. Immigration
  4. Crime and justice
  5. U.S. health care
  6. Pentagon spending
  7. Food and hunger
  8. HIV and AIDS
  9. Democratic Republic of Congo
  10. Zimbabwe
  11. Palestine and Israel
  12. Syria
  13. Iran
  14. Colombia
  15. Haiti
  16. Be an advocate

Download the full Washington Memo print edition (PDF)

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