Pentagon spending

By Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach

An interesting coalition on Capitol Hill of progressive Democrats and fiscally conservative Republicans has come together to support cuts to the Pentagon budget. National security “hawks” in both parties are trying hard to keep these cuts from happening.

The results have been mixed. The December 2013 budget agreement keeps some cuts in place for the Pentagon but softens the blow by spreading them out over more years. Compared to drawdowns after previous wars, Pentagon spending will still remain at historically high levels.

Free postcards and posters calling for reductions to Pentagon spending are available at Signed postcards can be delivered to our office for hand-delivery to congressional offices.

In addition, consider inviting a speaker from “Let’s Talk Peace” for conversation in your community about Christ’s call to be a people of peace in the context of war, militarism and empire. Profiles of more than 30 available speakers are at

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