Let Justice Roll Down: Trade for the Common Good (Spring 2010)

The steadily increasing number of fair trade sales is encouraging and makes a real difference in the lives of many people. But it is still a small percentage of all of the trade happening worldwide. In 2008, nearly $16 trillion worth of merchandise was traded on the world market, according to the World Trade Organization.

Because of this, it is crucial that while holding a mug of fairly traded coffee in one hand, we use our other hand to write a letter to Congress asking for fairer trade rules for everyone.

On Sunday, April 25, we are encouraging congregations across the United States to do just that. This will be the final Sunday of our year-long campaign calling for “Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All.” We hope many churches will choose to pray, reflect and act on that day for trade which prioritizes the common good.

Sign up to participate in the Abundant Life campaign on Sunday, April 25.


  1. Introduction
  2. Trade as if People and Earth Matter
  3. Worship Resources and Reflections
  4. Justice for Haiti: For Zion’s Sake
  5. Immigration and Trade
  6. Website Resource Highlights
  7. Washington Memo Blog
  8. Advocates’ Corner

Additional Resources:

  1. Sample Letter on Trade Justice

Download the full Washington Memo print edition (PDF)

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