Not by Sword or Spear: The U.S. Role in Afghanistan (Spring 2011)

I once heard a story of an Afghan man who brought tea to an American soldier who was standing in the man’s front yard.

From a position of vulnerability, the host welcomed the occupying soldier onto his land, perhaps leveling the ground between them and highlighting that the soldier was a guest in his home.

Like Jesus offering his cloak or turning the other cheek, this simple gesture had the potential to remind the two of their mutual humanity, something conflict often breaks down through stereotypes and false images of the “other.”

How can advocates be bearers–or perhaps more importantly, beneficiaries–of tea?


  1. Introduction
  2. A Path to Peace
  3. Peace Education in Afghanistan
  4. Worship Resources
  5. An Afghan Development Model
  6. Iraq: “People are Fed Up”
  7. Website Resource Highlights
  8. Washington Memo Online
  9. Advocates’ Corner

Additional Resources:

Sample Letter: Afghanistan

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