And Many Were Healed: Health Care for All (Summer 2009)

Summer 2009 MemoIn the context of the current economic crisis, the MCC Washington Office is launching a year-long campaign entitled “Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All.” Throughout the next four issues of the Washington Memo, and online at, we will highlight four areas of U.S. policy where action is badly needed: health care, debt relief, housing and trade.

This issue focuses on U.S. health care policy, a timely issue as Congress moves to pass the largest health care reform bill in decades. It includes background articles along with worship and advocacy resources, which can be used on Sunday, July 19th: our recommended day of action and prayer for health care.

We encourage congregations across the United States to participate. We welcome your advocacy in urging Congress to ensure that economic justice is truly guaranteed for all, in the United States and around the world.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Health Care Debate (In a Nutshell)
  3. Canada: A Model for Universal Access to Health Care?
  4. Healing Health Care: Recent Mennonite Statements on Health Care Access
  5. Worship Resources
  6. HIV in Tanzania
  7. Healing for the First Nations
  8. Health Care and Conflict
  9. The Washington Memo Online
  10. Advocates’ Corner

Additional Resources:

  1. “Abundant Life” Health Care Resources
  2. Sample Letter on Health Care Reform
  3. Sermon Ideas

Download Full Memo (PDF)