Members of one family: U.S. Immigration Policy (Summer 2011)

This issue of the Washington Memo explores how harsh immigration enforcement policies have impacted families, including a first-person story of a mother separated from her children. We also hear about how Mennonite Central Committee works with immigrants and how government policies can and must be changed to keep families together.

The immigration debate is often ugly, full of heated rhetoric and hateful speech. Beyond fear-mongering and misinformation, there is another factor driving the push for harsh enforcement of immigration law: profits.

The Hebrew prophets cried out against those who oppress the vulnerable to increase their own wealth, and we should do the same.


  1. Introduction
  2. Broken system, broken families
  3. Reaching out to newcomers
  4. Worship Resources
  5. Topics and Resources for Dialogue
  6. “I am not a criminal”  |  Primera Persona: Fernanda
  7. Trade and Migration
  8. “We small producers lost”
  9. Website Resource Highlights
  10. Washington Memo Online
  11. Advocates’ Corner

Additional Resources:

Sample Letter: Immigration

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