Some take pride in chariots: U.S. military spending (Winter 2012)

A short video released by the House Armed Services Committee begins with this 1940 quote from Franklin Roosevelt: “No…defense is so strong that it requires no further strengthening, and no attack is so unlikely or impossible that it may be ignored.” The video, complete with haunting violin music, makes a dramatic case that the U.S. military will be decimated by spending cuts.

Military spending already consumes more than half of the discretionary budget and that percentage will surely increase, as other programs receive more significant cuts.

What can we as Anabaptists contribute to the conversation?


  1. Feature article
  2. Peace education in the congregation
  3. Worship Resources
  4. Militarization of Mexico: Caught in the crossfire
  5. Website Resource Highlights
  6. Washington Memo Online
  7. Advocates’ Corner

Additional Resources:

Sample Letter: Military Spending

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