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The MCC Washington Office website provides information about the office, action alerts, upcoming events, reflections on lectionary texts, and resources on domestic and international issues. Recent highlights include:

Tim Hoover/MCC

Gun smuggling to Mexico Since 2007, nearly 40,000 people have been killed as a result of the Mexican “drug war.” Approximately 70 to 90 percent of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels originate from gun sellers in the United States. Weak gun laws within the U.S. have created an open market by which unlicensed sellers are able to sell guns without a background check. Current figures estimate that 2,000 weapons flow from the United States each day. More online at

credit: U.S. Air Force

Military spending The United Nations estimates it would cost about $30 billion to make sure that everybody around the world has enough to eat. That’s about one-twentieth of the Pentagon’s yearly budget. Nonetheless, policymakers continue to cut funding to programs that assist those living in poverty in this country and overseas while leaving the Pentagon’s budget largely untouched. Resources and faith reflections can be found at

Faith and politics Christian political advocacy is a form of public witness and a tangible way of loving our neighbor. As Anabaptists, we believe that Christ walked in love and peace on this earth and that the mission of the church is to demonstrate this love. Learn more at

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