A response to President Trump’s comments

President Trump’s derogatory comments yesterday about Haiti, El Salvador and countries throughout Africa are deeply offensive and expose the racist undertones of anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States. His comments not only disparage and demean entire countries and an entire continent full of people, they also ignore the many contributions made by immigrants from those countries to the United States.

Many of the countries Trump singled out suffered years of oppression and exploitation under white, colonial rule and harmful interference and exploitation by the U.S. government and U.S. corporations. Rather than insulting and defaming people outside the U.S., we urge President Trump to work to address the many shortcomings of our own country, including persistent and systemic racism and numerous other forms of injustice and oppression.

An important first step is recognizing that all human beings have been created in God’s own image (Genesis 1:27) and have inherent worth and dignity. We encourage the Trump administration and members of Congress to enact policies that reflect this dignity, starting by: passing a clean Dream Act; reinstating protections for Temporary Protected Status for Haitians, Salvadorans and others; and resisting efforts to dismantle our family-based immigration system.

Take action: Tell Congress to support a “clean” Dream Act | Dile al Congreso que apoye una Ley Dream “limpia”


  1. Debon Kolb

    Doesn’t immigration of people from developing countries by western countries further promote exploitation and oppression by assuming immigrants will presume demeaning, mundane jobs at nominal wages?

  2. Mark Costanzo

    Gotta wonder sometimes if the biblical paradox about those who seek to save their life will lose it has social implications. For all the resurgent nationalism of recent years, & the ” make America great again ” bluster, are we really better off?

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