Tragedy in Stockton

From the May-June 1989 Memo:

In January of this year, an emotionally disturbed individual entered a schoolyard in Stockton, California and repeatedly fired an AK47 semiautomatic rifle at the children playing there. Five children were killed.

The tragedy in Stockton and the growing number of drug-related murders have brought the issue of gun control into the headlines and into the minds of the people. In March, President Bush, after consultation with the newly appointed drug czar, Richard Bennett, altered his potion on gun control and signed an executive order imposing a 90-day ban on the importation of semiautomatic assault weapons.

DOC000 (11)-page-001 (1)
Keith Gingrich and Larry Minear of Church World Service and Lutheran World Relief lead MCC seminar session on world hunger (April 1989).



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